Corporate Information

For the past 20 years, Profits Fund Global Holdings Limited -PFGHL has been an ever-growing leader in international fashion manufacturing.  At the heart of the business are the tenets of ethical, environmentally responsible, sustainable and quality production.

With a wide range of expertise and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, our global team prides itself in our consistent mandate of social and environmental consciousness in all of our business practices, our sustainable production model and our impeccable track record of the finest quality products.  Our hands-on approach brings an expert eye to every aspect of production, from conception through creation.

Profits Fund Global Holdings Limited – PFGHL is dedicated to serving our clients’ needs in all areas of the fashion manufacturing process including: design, fabric development and dyeing, garment manufacturing, sales, marketing, merchandising and logistics. Our strict quality standards and reputation for excellence have made us one of the industry’s most sought after and respected companies.

The growing demand for our products and services compelled us to start our own premium brand: “SILKNY” and “S.I.L.K.”.

We believe “SILKNY” and “S.I.L.K.” will grow our legacy and continue our tradition of excellence and developing new fashion styles that push the boundaries of what the modern woman wants to wear.